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January 8, 2010

Quick update to v1.14, fixes a crash that would occur if you try and load a single question into the program.

August 20, 2009

Finally got around to making a short tutorial video to show how this works, watch it at the link below.

August 7, 2009

Made a slight upgrade to the program with the ability to manually insert, delete, and change answers via a right click menu. Should all be pretty self explanatory, more details are at the download page.

May 7, 2009

This is another minor bug fix as adding additional answers to an in progress reveal was causing the program to throw up a red X. There is still another known issue where if you try and sort the answers you get an exception thrown at you, that's proving more difficult to fix so it didn't make this release.

May 2, 2009

I made a minor update to the program to bring it to v1.11. The only change in this release was to add a second numeric box to control where the scores start counting from so that if you split your game into multiple sections you can show the scores of each section separately.

April 30, 2009

Version 1.1 is here! Here is the list of changes between the initial release and this one:

- Bonus scores are here as requested by nich. Simply fill in the bonus scores value, highlight the player name who you are giving the bonus scores to, and then click the change bonus score button to make it official. You can tell how many bonus scores a player has on each question by clicking on his row and seeing the change in the bonus score value box.
- If you save a reveal in progress, it will now save the value of an incorrect answer for each question as well as the new bonus scores. Your old reveal files will still work fine however, just without the new information.
-Finally, the method in which mixed groups are dealt with has been changed. Previously if you had a group and made it incorrect and then realized you needed to add another member to that group, there would always be a mixture of correct and incorrect answers in that group and the only way to fix it was to clear the group and start over. Now if you click the make incorrect button while a mixed group is active, it will unmix the group to then allow you to change them to whichever state you wish.

Get it from the Downloads page.

April 22, 2009

This is the home page for my Sheep Scorer program. Here is a quick run down of how to use the program:

The program itself is a stand alone program. It needs .NET in order to work. If you run Vista it should work flawlessly, but if you are running XP you might need to download that from Microsoft at the following location.

Once you get it up and running, you need to create two text files for each game. First you need a list of your questions one to a line, which you then load into the program using the File->Open->Questions dialog box. Next, you need to go into your PM box, select all of the PMs that were sent to you with answers in them, and use the drop down list at the bottom of the page to save them as a .TXT file. Then, go to File->Open->Answers and load that file. It is very important that every PM starts with the answers at the very top of the message, otherwise you will have to enter the text file yourself and manually delete anything that is above the answers.

Once you've done that, you should have everything loaded. To group answers together, double click on them in the data grid to turn them red, then click the Save button on the side to lock them in and turn them yellow. Do this until every answer is accounted for, it should be pretty self explanatory. If you are playing peehs and want to mark an answer incorrect, have the group that is incorrect active (ie, red), and click the make incorrect button. This will turn them green, and then when you lock the group they will turn blue. Groups of answers that have been locked in will be shown in the list box on the side. If you highlight a group name in the list box, you can change the name that will be displayed in the output using the Change Answer button and the text box below that.

To get the output and the scores for each question, simply click the corresponding buttons on the side. Then simply copy and paste. I hope this speeds things up for you guys, if you want to take a look at the source code feel free, although I wish you good luck because it's close to incomprehensible to me and I'm the one who wrote it. If you have an issues with it or feature requests, simply PM me (Dudd) at 2p2 or leave a message on this website.

Finally, if you start on a reveal and then have to stop, you can save your progress via File->Save. This will create a .sheep file with all your scoring information so far, which you can then open via File->Open->Reveal to avoid having to duplicate your previous work. One known issue so far is that I forgot to include the value of each incorrect answer in the file, so you will have to reenter that value for each question. That should be fixed in the next release.

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